Friday, March 6, 2009

TGIF... really

So this has been a pretty lazy week, besides work. I come home and the evenings and do very little. I've just been wiped out. It did make me realize something, though. Prior to my trip, I was busy every waking moment. Preparing stuff for my shop, getting everything ready for my trip... a not enough hours in the day kinda busy. Now, I come home and my shop is full... there have been no orders to ship... and I'm feeling lazy. But what it made me realize was that when I'm not busy constantly, I don't feel like I'm contributing.
The photo above was taken by my father. It's the awesome Utah sky, probably during a sunset. I love seeing through my father's eyes.
International Women's Day is Sunday. Two women I'd like to mention today are Rowena and Natasha. Natasha's blog can be found here. And that is also a link to an article she wrote about Rowena. I've been following Rowena for quite awhile now and she is amazing. She has 2 small children and is still the most productive artist that I know. Consistently productive... a LOT can be said about that! Natasha, I've just met recently, but her spirit shows through in all she says and does... Please go check it out, and after you read about Rowena, poke through Natasha's blog for awhile. There's a LOT going on over there!
So. I am very glad it's Friday. And, by the way, I've started adding some of my Utah photos to my Etsy shop. My shop can be found here.


HanamiGallery said...

what a great photo! utah looks like a really nice place! i hope you get more sales! im not selling anything and it gets depressing, so i try to fill my time with other crafts. get my mind off of the business and have fun! heh

Natasha said...

You are such an amazing soul. First, I love that picture...I, too, love seeing things through his eyes...what a gift. Second, you are so talented and productive even when you feel lazy...even when you feel aren't you are recharging, taking in things you don't even realize that you will use later. You are sharing - the most important part of life - and making people's lives better by doing something as simple as writing here. You are inspiring without even knowing it.
Thank you for the mention ...I can't tell you what that means and for mentioning Rowena - she's another bright light of inspiration in the world. You are tw ladies who inspire me whether you are crazy busy or simply enjoying a little gift of time in life.

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