Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharing Grief

I saw a dear friend of mine yesterday. I had not seen her in months and had been wondering where she was. As some of you know, I work at a sand and gravel pit. I call this friend Boulder Girl because she does amazing landscape work with rocks and comes in to hand pick boulders. So... considering that it's spring and many are doing such projects, it's strange that she hasn't been in. But... she came in yesterday and I asked her where she has been. Her father passed away suddenly in April she told me. She lost a month of work and has still been feeling quite lost.

I told her that my Dad had passed away in February and we talked a little. We hugged. Then I gave her the link to this blog. I told her how I had blogged through my grief and the best advice I could give is "fake it til you make it". She said she would go home and read... and I hope she found some comfort in my struggles.

I've been reading back in my blog, hopping around, clicking on the 'you may also like' feature at the bottom of each post. There are treasures hidden here! I've been asked to submit this blog to a self-help directory where I could reach a much larger audience! What an honor! Also, many of you know that this blog will be made into a book at some point. I cover so many topics, I'm not sure exactly what the focus will be just yet, but it comes more into focus every day!

I added a link to the top right of the page for information regarding my Artist Empowerment Class and put up the pay button. I do hope that many of you will be able to join me!


lostsentiments said...

timing is everything :0) I trust that once your friend reads your blog she will be ready and encouraged by your many heartfelt posts Robyn. It's always cool to see when God brings people into our lives... timing is everything... quick ponder on this thought: had I met my husband any sooner than I had I wouldn't have been ready for him and he would tell you that he would not have been ready for me either.

So yay for timing! Yay for seasons! Some friends are for a season and others are for life.:)

I didn't realize you were going to make a book out of your blog saome day Robyn! that is wonderful! How cool that so many doors have opened up for you this year :) it's only half way through too! So hold onto your hat woman! ;0) The best is yet to come! ^.^


TheHappySoul said...

(((((((((((SIS))))))))))))) you are such an amazing person! I'm so glad that all these opportunities for you to help people are presenting themselves. You are a shining star in many peoples' lives, and I'm thrilled that you get to help even more!


Anonymous said...

I feel like every comment I leave is telling you how wonderful you are... I guess I just can't express that enough! You are amazing and extremely appreciated. Reading your blog should be a daily part of everyone's life... the world would be better for it.


Mary said...

(((((Robyn))))) I'm glad Boulder Girl came into your work and you and she could share your grief. I'm sure it helped both of you to hug and share what's been going on in your lives.

Congrats on the invite to submit your blog to the self-help directory. Things are turning around for you.

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