Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brainstorming is good!

Yesterday was a very creative day, as far as planning goes. I was brainstorming ideas for my shop a few different times yesterday with online friends and they had some of the most amazing suggestions!! I'll be trying out all the ideas very soon, and will let you know when I've listed them!

One of the ideas was to make journals that are aimed more towards children. I've always just thought before that you know, kids could just use the ones I already make. But I will be coming out with some that have more playful covers on them, and one for the Harry Potter fans out there, not using that name directly, of course, but with a "wand". Another will feature silk fibers from a spinner I know embedded in homemade paper on the cover! Oh, and one of her homemade knitting needles as either the spine or the closure. Yep, I'm going to be working out the details of closures and stuff soon.

Creativity is good... and round-table discussions where artists toss ideas at one another--that's amazing! I've spent a lot of time in a cave. When I was a stay at home mom, married to a man in the air force, I kept to myself. Only after we separated did I go to a weekly writers meeting a few times, and once I even presented one of my poems! Those meetings, with critiques and comments flying, were such a rush. Yesterday reminded me of that.

I've always had a dream. Of living in an artist's community. Where interaction with creative people is a constant. In my dream world, this would make for such a happy existence! And in a sense, I'm living it now more than ever! Today I urge you... if you have a project that you're in the middle of, or even if you're just thinking about starting one... discuss it with someone you trust. Toss around ideas! Take notes, get input! See where it takes you.


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

It's awesome how motivating we are when we're together!

Avlor said...

What a great thought! I should get more input before just jumping into ideas. thanks!

Rose said...

I get most of my best ideas from all of you!!! That is why I love you all!

Ahem *girl crush* lol.

I love Robyn!

redbarbi said...

Life is to short not to enjoy what we have and you are doing a wonderful thing with your photos. I love your work. Great Eye

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