Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spinning out of control

So. I'm seriously exhausted. Ok, a little less so today, a little less. But yesterday afternoon, I was practically falling asleep at work. I went home a couple of hours early and took a nap. I also went to bed early last night. I can't seem to shake this. I'm at the point where something's gotta give. And it can't. I have too much to do. I have work. I have the craft show (thankfully I don't have to be present-- it's like a really well-advertised, short term consignment shop) that I need to finish pricing for and such, plus I need to deliver the goods on Saturday. And I have that radio interview on Sunday. And prior to the radio interview, I need to do a test drive of the studio online, get familiar with Skype, and take photos of each step of my pendant making process.

I need to list it out and check things off one by one. Remember my plan to do marketing smarter not harder? I'm working on that in all areas of my life. In the past, when making journals, I've measured each set of papers, used the ruler on the bookboards to mark the holes to drill, etc. Yesterday, templates for the paper and the holes (for both the paper and the boards) were made. I am really excited about that, because all the measuring out always seemed like such a huge obstacle.

Housework... I'm working very hard on getting help around here. I will get to the point where I feel like my life is more in control. But right now, it's spinning... I have thoughts and ideas running through my head all the time. All I want is the energy to carry them out. Perhaps I will need to quiet them for awhile, but I'm really not sure how. I can't even sit and watch tv in the evening without having my laptop on to tweak photos, or sitting making a journal. It seems like I *must* multi-task. What's up with that??
Today at work, I will make a list. I will put absolutely everything on it that I need to do until my radio interview is over. And I will begin checking things off. I will delegate, and I think the list will stop the spinning a bit.


BrigaBauble said...

Oh man Robyn, I totally hear you. I swear that multi-tasking and being unable to relax are somehow ingrained in our DNA and it sucks. I think your list idea is brilliant. It's what I try to do--with varying success--when I get totally overwhelmed. Now I'm just stuck in the feeling helpless mode. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your online radio show tutorial was wonderful today. Thank you again for taking the time to share your art, your medium, your techniques, and your tips. I learned so much from you, and you have me excited about how I can use what I learn.

As for spinning out of control, making a list is what I do as well. After making the list, I prioritize. At the end of the day, if there are items still on the list, I ask myself if they were really that important. If not, I let them go. If they are, they go onto the next list.

One thing my friends hear me say often is that, "Oh well, I did not get this thing done, but that's what tomorrow is for!" People wonder how I get so much done, and you seem to have just as long as a list. Just remember to enjoy the day, and perhaps as you are relaxing into a night's sleep, you can make a mental list of all that you did. That makes me feel better about all the things I could not do.

Thanks again for a wonderful show!

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