Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meeting Goals

At the beginning of April, I had either 11 or 14 sales. My shop had been open for months, and I'd been promoting my butt off. But at the beginning of April, I stated a sales goal. That I would hit 25 sales by the end of April. Judging by past progress, I was not totally sure that I could meet this goal. However, I stated it, and I believed. And guess what? Last night, on April 13, I met my goal!!!

Tonight I'm going to work on some new journals for my shop, one is a custom order, the other one will have a gorgeous map of Paris on the cover. I'll also do some custom bookmarks that a friend had requested. And tomorrow will start a customer appreciation sale! You might want to stop by! There will be amazing deals!

I know that to some, 25 sales is not alot. I look at others' shops and they've had 1700 sales. But each step gets me closer to my goals. Each sale teaches me something about my abilities and what I'm doing-- both right and wrong.

Tonight I'll also be setting goals for the next month. I have found that if I state concrete goals, then I will work towards it and I will achieve it!

The flower photo above is available in my shop! Just click on it :-)


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