Thursday, April 30, 2009

Working on a New Idea

Yesterday I did end up calling in, and I slept for 8 hours. I must have really needed the rest! I got up for a few hours (after 2pm), then went to bed at my normal time. Not sure I'm back to 100%, but it's Thursday, so only today and tomorrow left for the work week.

Now... to my idea :-). I'm working on a 'friendship journal' idea. I've really been inspired by some amazing online friends. I've connected with a few, and came up with this idea. Let me try to explain it. In my handbound journals, there are 6 signatures. A signature is a group of papers, that's folded and sewn on the spine. So... I am going to make 3 blank cover journals. I'll mail 2 to friends. Once they're received, we'll all proceed to fill 2 signatures with our thoughts, drawings, ramblings, collage, etc. Then we'll mail them to the next person. And we'll repeat. At the end, they'll get mailed again, this time back to us, so that everyone sees what everyone did in all of them. And we'll keep the one we started with. Blank cover, so we can decorate that as well.

Sometime within the next week, I'll be finishing these and getting them in the mail. I think it's a really good concept. At some point, I may be adding 'friendship journals' to my shop. Any thoughts? I'd love to get all the input I can on this one. I think that especially with long distance relationships, it's so important to be able to hold onto something tangible.

And guess what?? As of this morning, I'm at 49 sales! I am so in awe and still squeal with delight at each and every one :-).


Melissa said...

awww...i think this would be sweet ;D
You could also do "Sister Journals" and "Mother/Daughter" ones too!

Monika's Gifts Galore said...

I agree with Melissa, mother daughter and sister ones would be cute to do. Congrats on the sales.

Keep the great work up robyn and feel better!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea, I have those "Forever Friends" that I would love to do this with. I like the idea of the Mother/Daughter & Sisters also and of course there is always sis/bro beings how your an only girl lol. Dad has been a little under the weather also. Wish there was something I could do for both of you. Just tune everyone out and take some much needed "ME" time. Love you...

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