Friday, May 1, 2009

A rewarding week, but a week of exhaustion too

I am exhausted. I've slept so much this week (well, the extra 8 hours on Wednesday), but I went to work for a full day yesterday and today I'm exhausted. I am going to relax this weekend. And sleep in. Heaven.

I'm no longer creating for nothing... creating and listing with no sales. I'm selling, I'm relisting, I'm making more. It's awesome. I can't believe all the places I've mailed my items off to! I love when I address the packages... "oooh, this one's going to Tennessee :-)". And I'm starting to see repeat customers, so that's really cool too!

I will be working on the friendship journals this weekend. Or Mother/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Sisters.... and hopefully will be debuting them next week! Along with some others, and hopefully some more photos. I have so many stored, just haven't listed them yet!

Another thing I've been doing is stocking up for Christmas. All through Etsy! There's such a wide variety of items on there. In fact, I've even started buying bubble mailers for my business on there! And I have some amazing promotional items on order. I just have to show you something amazing... I have a wonderful friend now, she goes by PromoPixie on etsy... and look what she created for me!!! I can't wait to receive it! Now if I do craft shows, I'll wear that, and I'll also have lots of other promo materials for it! All thanks to such a smart little pixie!

It's really beginning to feel like a real business now! It's evolving every single day! It's been very rewarding!


Melissa said...

awww....thanks Robyn!!
You know the Pixie's always got your back! ;D
If you do show with all your goodies you'll have to take some pics!! Would LOVE to see it all mixed in w/you beautiful photography and journals! :D

Shanon said...

Your shirt looks great that Melissa made. It will be a definite assest to wear around and be your best billboard! Congrats on your sales.

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