Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming down off a Glorious Weekend

The weather this weekend was amazing. Sunny all weekend, yesterday the temps were in the 80's. Saturday we cleaned. Moved some stuff out... made 5 trips to the dumpster. Organized. Just one area really, but every little bit helps. During the week, I'll be cleaning my craft area, and cutting paper for more journals. Trying to get enough ahead that I can basically pack away my creating area prior to the summer. But still being able to create this summer, you know?

Yesterday we went to the Portland Saturday Market. I love this town! There was so much going on down there... people milling about everywhere, everyone enjoying the sunshine! And there are amazing items for sale there too! I bought a small piece of art for my walls... not that I needed it, it was just so beautiful!

Today I should be listing 2 new journals. One is a special order for a friend who wanted graph paper instead of the white paper, so she can write straight in her journal. The other is an 8X10 dragonfly journal. I've been on a paper buying spree lately, so there are many more to come! I'll be creating throughout the week.

I'm working up my tutorial on creating an etsy account. If there are any questions, or things you'd like me to make sure I cover, please list them in the comments! I hope for the most wonderful week for all of you!


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Oh it feel so awesome to have a work space organized, even if it doesn't stay that way for long! lol I can't wait to see the new dragonfly journal robyn!

Shanon said...

You can come clean up my craft space next :) I have SO MANY things that need organizing. I always love it when it is organized though.

Avlor said...

Does sound like a lovely weekend. It feels so good to have a area organized. ;)

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