Friday, May 29, 2009


This was the carousel in Seaside. This photo will get lots of editing before it gets listed, but I do love the busy-ness of the raw image.

Yesterday, I was visited by two very good friends. Girl friends. In my world, where I'm surrounded by truck drivers all day at work, surrounded by males at home... it is a rare treat to visit with my girl friends. I am not a social person. When I am not at work, I prefer to be at home, creating. Or out taking photos. But my one friend called me and we visited for quite awhile, the other stopped in at my work. Both recharged me in ways that I didn't even know that I *needed* to be recharged!

In the constant quest for balance, I have never figured out how to work in time for friends. My best friend and I used to meet for happy hour once a week. That time became difficult at some point and we stopped. And now, I think happy hour is not the right place for us... but how do we make the time? We could have crafting time... I could go over and sew journals while she paints. Or I could take my laptop and edit photos while she paints. Nah, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on editing, but it would be nice to bounce ideas off of her. Perhaps we'll each open up our hearts and our minds again.

The other friend... we have an amazing connection and we've never made time for each other. Only once outside of work or phone have we gotten together. Our lives are vastly different, but we are kindred. Hopefully at some point we will be able to be part of each other's lives as well.

Do any of you have a hard time incorporating others into your lives? I often find that I'm such a more 'out there' and 'accessible' person online.


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Robyn I'm so close to being a hermit it's not even funny lol I've lived in Oklahoma since 2005 and have no friends because I'm so anti-social and no one here seems to really click with anything about me. It takes a different person to be a friend to me so not everyone can fill the part ya know.

I hope you and your friends do find time for each other though! It's awesome to have those people you can turn to and just get out of the normal drear of things.

Flamingo Junction said...

It has always been a difficult balance for me too. I put in a lot of hours everyday keeping two shops running smoothly and well stocked so when I have 'down time', the last thing I want to do is socialize. I too need to work on this!

DipYourToes said...

I'm the exact same way. When I transferred colleges a few years ago, I left most of my friend many states away, and I haven't seen them since. Because I never actually lived at my new school- it was much harder to make the once in a while I hang out with a good friend is a real treat.

Sister Scarlet said...
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Sister Scarlet said...

Oops! Sorry, had to start over. It's midnight and I'm trying to type in the dark. I recognized this photo immediately. I'm like..... Hey I've been on that! Then I remembred the funny joker hat I bought with lots of jingle bells on it inside of that mall...... and then jake got lost. Total panick attack. I think he was around 8 or 9 at the time. he's turning 15 next month. Your invited. Ahhhh you still consider me to be your bestest friend. Groovy. Yep, so much for happy hour, but crafty hour sounds lovely. I look forward to reconnecting. Loves, Teffany

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