Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Monday.... again!

It was a relaxing weekend in the sense that we didn't really go anywhere. We went to the movies yesterday... and some errands on Saturday. But what a productive weekend it was!

I'm beginning to cut and fold allllllllll of the paper I have (reams and reams of it), to put the signatures away in a box. That way, I can put some of my crafting area away, and also I'll have the signatures (the groups of paper) ready to just grab and use when it's time. I think I have about 2 reams cut, 3 to go.

I also started boxing away my china. It doesn't get used, and it's been on an open shelf where it just gets dirty. So, into bankers boxes they are going, where they will go back on the shelf, but sealed and organized.

I also listed 5 new journals this weekend. Check them out if you get the chance! I hope the week continues for me to be productive... and I hope that it's whatever you need it to be too.


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