Monday, June 29, 2009

A long Day

I took this photo at a farmer's market on Saturday. I took it specifically for a new product I'll be adding to my shop... I should be creating them within the month if all goes well :-)

Today I have 11 hours of driving ahead of me. Yep, a round trip, each leg is about 5 1/2 hours. It will be a long day. And of course, I didn't sleep very well. But it will be fine. I'll be wide awake for the drive there, then on the way back I'll have some excellent company, so it's all good.

I'll be leaving for a camping trip Friday afternoon. Shooting off fireworks at the coast. Camping in an area with no cell service whatsoever. I'll take the opportunity to unwind and recharge.

I have roughly a million things to do before I get on the road this morning. I hope today is a wonderful day for all of you!


shells said...

Yum, blueberries! Great photo.

Hope you have/had a safe drive :)

Sister Scarlet said...

Love the blues kid. You have to take this one into the gallery. bye-bye

Sister Scarlet said...

Dayne wants to know who the blues kid is? Correction; Love the blues, kid. Okay.

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