Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes, you can't catch a break

So, I'm trying to step back away from the time vampires. Trying to reclaim. Trying to not be so exhausted, and let the creative juices flow.

Then I find out I have to work Saturday. The first Saturday that we have been opened in a year, more or less. But, I will be there all alone. I will take my journal, take my camera, perhaps take some journals to work on. I will find my bliss. I will find my joy in being there alone, and having quiet. I will have some interruptions, but nothing major.

Sunday, I hope to have a photo day. Perhaps I'll go to the Portland Rose Garden. Or maybe out to the vineyards. Not sure where I will end up, but I will become friends with my camera!

On a very happy note, I had made and listed a custom journal for a friend about a month ago. She then became very ill and had a lot of things to take care of. Well, last night, she bought her journal! I stopped marketing and I made a sale... isn't that about right?


BrigaBauble said...

As always Robbyn, I admire your unique perspective on life. And congrats on your sale! They seem to come when we least expect them...

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