Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This teddy bear is on the sidewalk near our Holocaust Memorial in Portland, Oregon.

Yesterday, a murderer was sentenced to 77 years and 10 months. I did not know the 2 year old that he murdered, but I was very involved with the family (how to disclose without totally disclosing everything?)... I was with the baby's grandmother when she got the news that her angel had been murdered. I sat through the funeral where they sang "You are my Sunshine" and even now, still tear up at the thought of it.

I hope for healing to begin. I hope that the family can move on, to a place where they can love and trust again. I hope her memory lives forever in their hearts, but becomes a memory of her sparkly smile... of the love they felt for her.

I hope that they pull closer together with this, and don't let it wedge itself in between them. I hope that in the end there is love... always love.


Avlor said...

I said a prayer for healing for this family and for you, dear Robyn. hugs.

BrigaBauble said...

I have never been able to comprehend how a family can even begin to deal with the grief from such a loss. But love does seem to be the only place from which to start. That teddy bear photo makes for such a powerful image.

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