Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please excuse my absence...

I didn't post a blog entry yesterday... It was a migraine day. I woke up, called in to work, then went back to bed and slept til after 1pm! I must have certainly needed all that rest. Once I did wake up, I had the energy to get the house cleaned up some and dinner planned out before our company arrived. It was just family, but since they were bringing their 8 month old baby, some things had to be relocated and the floor vacuumed.
I have been doing a lot of custom journals lately. One in particular has really been kicking my butt. Last night, I dreamed the design of it, so it should all be a go today! I've noticed a pattern that if I mull over something long enough in my head, it will come to me as I sleep! I love when that happens! The only problem is that it doesn't usually come to me while I sleep until after I've worried about it for a week. If only I could just *make* the dreams come!
I am once again trying to figure out ways to market. I'm going to be putting some project wonderful ads up, I think. And I'm going to be researching other venues. The people who have bought my photos, journals, and coasters are very satisfied customers... just have to figure out how to get the word out there!
If any of you have wonderful ideas for marketing, please let me know!


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