Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drained Batteries

You know how your cell phone battery stops holding a charge after a while? Like, it just seems to go dead a little faster? It's not lasting quite as long as it used to? Yep, that's me lately. I seem to need to recharge every few weeks. In a big way, in a sleep all day way. I got off 2 hours early yesterday. Came home and slept. I slept for 3 hours. Got up, watched some tv, then slept all night.

Probably all of it is stress. I seem to have a lot lately. But I know better than to let it get me down like this. Today I will be observing how I handle things. I will be watching to see how I grab onto the stress and hold on to it. And I will be making a conscious effort to not. I will also be watching to see if I avoid the toxicity of some people, or if I absorb that as well. How I feel is in my hands. But I can't make efffective changes if I am not realistic about how I currently handle it.

I hope for you... that you can see what is weighing you down and work on necessary changes. I hope that for me too.


Ching Ya said...

hi Robyn,
Got your tweet about your blog updates. Thought I dive in for a browse. ^^

Think that's perfectly normal. I had such burnt out just not long ago, due to many reasons. In my opinion, most importantly we know when to slow down, and get recharged. We're not machines, but a little lubricant in life might help. That's a very nice pic you put up there. Reminds me of the beauty of nature.. should definitely appreciate it more.

Take care.

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LeaKarts said...

I'm glad you are paying attention so that you can take care of yourself! I hope you are able to get the revitalization that you need :)

pinkrosesglass said...

Robyn, I hope the rest helps. I totally understand. My body doesn't handle stress very well. It comes out in more physical symptoms such as stomach and headache. Bob made me stay home from work today so I can sleep and chill out for a while. All my best to you! HUGS!

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