Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I mentioned yesterday that things are slow at work. Well, they are, real slow. But it just dawned on me (again) that life's at least 75% attitude. And yes, the days are just going to crawl if I dwell on that. I took photos to work to edit yesterday, but I had a bad attitude so I didn't work on them, instead I sat there, bored.

I have been tired lately. And sitting there, bored, is not going to help my tiredness. So today, I'm taking my photos, I'll be updating my blog with a blog award I won, updating my blog reading list at the bottom of the page, hopefully going on errands so I can buy some new ink, and sketching out some new ideas.

I will also be working on some marketing. I have the wonderful advantage of being able to do that from work, and I will be taking full advantage of it.

Now, if today happens to get busy at work, hooray for that too! That means the day will go by faster and that business is picking up! If not, I'll have stuff to do.


Avlor said...

Excellent to know yourself and to do all you can to keep your attitude good! ;)

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