Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Allowing the flow

I am going to be doing quite a bit of editing on this photo today. I should be able to get some done at work, along with writing in my friendship journal. I have definitely felt a creative surge lately. Brought on, I believe, by walking away for a bit. It was feeling forced, so I stopped. I didn't allow myself to 'work' at it for several days.
I didn't market my shop. I didn't go to buy paper. I didn't make journals. I withdrew. Then, much quicker than I had imagined, it pulled me back in. I made several journals over the weekend. I went to the rose garden to take photos.
I'm still not feeling completely comfortable getting back into the amount of time that I was "marketing" before. I think that's a good thing! I was getting so sucked into 'pushing my wares' that I was no longer enjoying the creative process.
I have a friend who is doing very well with his online shop. He pops online throught the day, markets, then goes about his day. I think he has good ideas. I am going to try that. Get the most bang for my online time. Not to say I won't interact with my online friends... but I will not be present to market constantly.
I am on a mission. A mission to find what balance works best for me. I can't stop creating altogether, that's not an option. And I can't market constantly because that sucks the energy from my creativity.


KanYoFuse said...

Great post and oh so true. With a shop on Etsy, as an owner/artist you are the sun, the moon, and the stars. Finding that balance is hard and I think we all need to fine tune our scale every so often. lol I'm so glad you were able to gather some bliss. It shows in your new rose photos. They are absolutely fabulous!

Avlor said...

I always love the candidness of your posts. Today your post hits home for me too. BTW I nominated your blog for an award at

missknits said...

love the rose! look forward to see your new ones! and let me know what you end up discovering as a good balance - i still battle that too, how much is enough, how much is too little, where i can better spend my time. its a hard equation!

Cindy Davis said...


I have been feeling a similair way lately. I think the more I market, the more it effected by artwork. I move away from painting for me and into painting to sell. I hate being in that place.

Balance is so important, but yet so hard to maintain.

Joan A Hamilton said...

I'm finding myself in the same kind of time crunch you describe. You know you need to 'market' and it's a full-time job, but there will be no need for it if you don't keep creating and growing as an artist (as opposed to entrepreneur!)
Your roses are lovely.
Happy creating (and marketing *sigh*)

Angelatte said...

This post really hits home. Although I know I do not market enough, I have found that it is more important to keep ourselves grounded to what we truly are... artists. No amount of sales is worth losing that.

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