Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exhaustion, an interrupted schedule...

This morning I have to go in for a fasting blood draw... just for a thyroid level check and cholesterol screen. That means no coffee for me this morning. Ugh!!

Life has been stressful lately. You know, even change that will end up being good is hard on a person! There's been lots of drama. And I don't like drama!

On a good note, business has been good. I'm now at 67 sales and am enjoying making quite a few custom journals. Today I'm working on one with my Daisy Duet photo on the cover. This weekend I'll be working on another with thick green paper as the cover and my Blue Tree photo on it. I even sold one of my jellyfish photos last night! I love having my etsy shop! It gives me such a wonderful outlet and I have made lots of new friends.

A long weekend is definitely in order. I will try to get caught up on everything etsy-wise, and have time to relax.

My blood draw is about 8 my time (that's when the lab opens)... so, Dad, I'll be calling you around that time.


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