Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Editing photos... and evolving

These were part of my Mother's Day bouquet! Today I'm going to play with my photo editing software and see what I can learn. I think I'll start with this photo... want a more dreamy feel to it.

I love raw photography... but I'm beginning to think a little differently about what I may want to convey. It all started with a photo that I listed in my shop... I edited the people out of the foreground on the beach. And now... I want to try other things. I've always held fast to the idea that life is about learning, about evolving. Now is the time for my editing skills to evolve.

I had a friend stop by work yesterday and she brought me some gorgeous paper to use as journal covers. I was so touched! So... more and more designs coming soon. Currently, I'm working on a custom order journal, but will have that completed soon and I'll move on to the new paper.

I hope that life continues to evolve for the rest of you... and that you never settle for being stagnant.


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Oh I bet you'll be awesome at image editing! I love all your work just don't have enough people that use journals!

serra said...

beeeautiful photos. I love the one of simba. What an amazing animal! Good luck with your photo editing adventures!

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