Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking forward to a long weekend

I am so glad that it's Friday! And the Friday before a 3 day weekend! There's a road trip planned for this weekend, just a one day trip to the coast. And besides that trip, I'll probably be cleaning and making journals! I am working on two custom journals right now. One will have a photo of my Daisy Duo on the cover. The other will have a green cover, and my blue tree will be featured. I also got a shipment of new paper, so that is coming up as well! I'm moving in a million new directions, with both my journals and my photography!

It's still my goal to get tons of journals made now so there's not a real mad dash to create this summer. Lots of photos will be being posted this summer though. My oldest son is turning 17 this summer, so I want to really enjoy the time we have, and be as present as possible. It's astounding to think the boys are that old.

Happy Friday Everyone! Please have a safe weekend!


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