Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There's a Long Weekend Coming up

I am beyond thrilled at the prospect of a 3-day weekend! Ideally, I would stay home and create journals. I'm trying to build up stock to free up more time for my children this summer. However, there is most likely a road trip in the plans. I love road trips! My camera battery is charged... I am ready!
I took the above photo while visiting a friend. He has these all along the pathway leading to his backyard. In life, it's so nice to have a light to guide you....
That tutorial I promised is underway, and I will be posting it soon.
You know, that's a lesson that is taking me the longest. I have self-imposed deadlines and I get all stressed out over them. In a way, that's good... it leads to getting things done. But oftentimes life gets in the way, and the deadline becomes impossible. I need to learn that life happens and it's ok. So... let me try that. Life right now, for several reasons, is very hectic. I am working on the Etsy Account Tutorial, but will finish when I once again have a big block of time that I can dedicate to it.
I have a million thoughts zipping through my head... I'm sure they will form themselves into something cohesive soon. Happy Wednesday to you all!


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