Friday, May 15, 2009

Creating an Etsy Account... the Preamble

I have been browsing the shops on Etsy quite a bit lately, and there is some astounding talent out there! I find so many treasures every single day. Someone asked the other day if I had a 'normal' website to purchase from. You see, Etsy requires you to login in order to purchase. All you have to do is input an email address, a login and a password, plus paypal or other payment info. It's not difficult. But apparently that deters some people. Those people will miss out on so many treasures.

I think I will have a friend create an Etsy account over the weekend and put a step-by-step tutorial on here, in case any of you need help creating an etsy account. Before doing that though, what have you thought or heard? What is holding people back from creating an account even though they want stuff on Etsy? I'd like my tutorial to be as thorough as possible, so any and all questions and concerns will be researched prior to posting the tutorial.

Please leave comments about the account setup process, or why any of it would deter people. What you've thought, what you've heard...


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

1. Some people don't like having to sign up for anything or give out any information like their e-mail address as they think they are gonna get spammed with stuff.
2. A lot of people still haven't heard of Etsy and therefore are afraid of what they don't know and think it's too difficult to make an account.
3. Some people may think it costs you money to register
4. Maybe if it was compared to sites like ebay as far as for how easy it is to use it might bring more people in as well.

BrigaBauble said...

Great idea Robyn! I think that searching through Etsy can also be overwhelming and many people don't know where to begin. After all, the categories are enormous. May also help to point out search options as Pounce, shop local, search by color, etc.

Also, as Monika said, giving up your email addy often invites spam so, focusing on exactly what boxes to check to avoid this issue would be helpful.

And, not everyone has a PayPal account, as popular as they are. I think that not being able to make a direct credit card payment may be annoying for some people. Maybe pointing out the cross-Web benefits of having PayPal would be useful.

Casual Cottage said...

I had a lady go from my Etsy shop to my blog to my website in order to purchase an item she saw on Etsy....didn't want to sign up! Luckily she wanted the item bad enough to do that, but many will just not purchase. I think Artfire has the right idea on not requiring buyers to sign up.

designsbykari said...

Until January this year I had never even heard of Etsy. A friend introduced me, and now I'm hooked. I agree though, people are hesitant to sign up for yet another website. Etsy sure is worth the time though.

bagsofblessing said...

I agree, some people have never heard of Etsy. We need to get the word out ourselves about this great online marketplace!

It is no different than Ebay or have to register to make a purchase.

Some people don't know that you don't need a Paypal account to make a purchase.

Shanon said...

I talk to so many people that have never even heard of etsy. They are like "WHAT?, ebay?" I then have to go into etsy and that it is for handcrafted items and much nicer than ebay ;). Many people still think ebay is nothing more than an online yard sale too, so there are some negative conotations associated with online market places. Maybe it can be explained that etsy is like going to the biggest craft fair in the world :) with every vendor you could ever want right there at the touch of a button!

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