Wednesday, May 27, 2009

After such a long weekend

After such a long, productive weekend, I had forgotten the time vampire that was work. I forgot how little I can actually get done on work days. I had forgotten what a huge chunk of time my 10 hour work day actually is, and how exhausted I am afterwards. Oh how I envy those with jobs at schools who have the summer off!
The picture today is one in my new line of journals where I utilize the photos I've taken. I took that picture on a drive up to Multnomah Falls... just a curve in the road, but it meant so much more for me. To me, so much of life is about the journey. Honestly, I think 10% of life or less is about the actual destination. It's all about what you learn along the way.
To me this journal would be perfect for everyday journaling, but it would also make a really wonderful trip journal.
I have something in my psyche that makes me need to run away. When I was married to my first husband, his mother and I shared that. So, about once a year or so, we would take off on a trip. And we would keep journals, and write through our feelings. We would pour everything out on the paper, wander through towns aimlessly, absorb all around us and go back home days later recharged.
Soon, it is time for another journey... this time alone. And I will be taking my journal with me!
If you'd like more info, click on the journal above.


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

Oh I hope you feel better robyn, I know what it's like to feel drained of everything that makes you, you. I hope you get that vacation soon and enjoy it!

glassidentities said...

I so understand the need to get away... Husband and I do it as often as possible.. we just get in the car and time we ended up at the same falls you were on the way to when taking that photo :) Beautiful work Robyn, would be perfect for a road trip journal :)

Rose said...

Love it! Journey on over this way won't you? :D

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