Monday, October 26, 2009


I had a bit of fun yesterday editing photos. This version didn't quite make the cut to go into my shop, but I still like it.

I was feeling quite under the weather yesterday, but I still managed to talk to some wonderful friends online, edit photos, and list 3 of them. Oh yeah, caught up on my Artist's Way homework too!

Saturday, we went to Washougal to watch the boys race motocross. They had a tough time, because it was very muddy, but the day went well, no major injuries! Then we all went out to dinner, and I made kladkaka. They were oh so happy as they ended their day with video games.

I feel some new creative directions pulling me their way. Many things will be changing in my shop over the next few months. For instance, journals as I currently have listed may cease to be listed... maybe. That's the thought at this point in time... we will see where I am led.

Where are you being led creatively? Are you following or fighting it?


michiganhemp said...

Follow your heart and soul, and great things will happen! Can't wait to see what you venture into!


Avlor said...

I'm in a period of change (for my shop) too. Several ideas - just need to pick a direction. Change can be fun! (repeating this to myself today.... wink)

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