Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Show up at the Page"

I'm doing the Artist's Way with a couple of friends, and a big part of it is writing the morning pages. 3 pages of uncensored writing first thing in the morning. I have to admit, it's not always first thing in the morning for me, but they are an amazing tool! You learn so much about yourself when you have to write out 3 pages worth of stuff.

The writer of The Artist's Way always says to "show up at the page" and realizations will come to you. I've done a lot of thinking about that, and realize I can apply to anything really. I show up with the camera and get some amazing shots. I show up at the computer and can edit and list. The only worry, really... ever... is showing up.

Sometimes the motivation is the most difficult thing. I know this all too well. I get bogged down by life, by work, by emotions, by depression, and exhaustion. But once I actually show up, it's like the planets start aligning or something.

I challenge you to listen to those inner voices that guide your dreams. But this time, don't shush them. Really listen. And show up!


michiganhemp said...

I totally agree that showing up can be the hardest part sometimes. It can be difficult to find the motivation required of us, but if we look in the right spot, it's always there. Just a matter of looking deep enough. :)


Rebecca said...

You are always so inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to show up at your blog. I'm sure that one simple act touches many lives every day. I know it touches mine. :)

Christie Cottage said...

Oh, I love that pump organ! Reminds me of a childhood memory!

Mornings our minds our clear and our thoughts flow easier!

Have a wonderful day!

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