Friday, October 2, 2009


I am so happy that it's Friday! I find out today if I have to work tomorrow... I'm really hoping not. It has been a really long week. Sunday we are going to a friend's house, and if I don't work Saturday, I hope to get some journals made. I have not had much relaxation time this week it seems. I also feel like I haven't been productive. I've had a head cold and it has greatly slowed me down.

I work 10 hour days, and at least one day a week, I come home about 3 hours early. Those 3 hours are always amazing re-claimed time. I have not had a chance to do that this week, and may not. It's strange what a difference 3 hours makes.

If I do have to work tomorrow, perhaps I can get some journals prepped tonight to sew tomorrow while I am at work. We shall see.


michiganhemp said...

It truly amazes me exactly how much we are alike. :) I have not been productive at all this week, and I really need to fix that. I hope that you are able to get everything accomplished that you want to, and that your boss says he doesn't need you tomorrow so that you have more time for you!


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