Monday, October 12, 2009

Photo Editing Fun

I have been having some fun with photo editing this weekend. Several new prints (including the one above) will be listed in my shop today.

I know me pretty well. And I knew that what I needed the most was to be creative over the weekend. I made and listed 2 new journals, took some amazing photos of them, and then went on to the photo editing. I only broke one toe in the process! So, it was a good weekend!

I will be starting on The Artist's Way this coming week with a few online friends. I am looking forward to that more than you could ever know! Strange time to be doing it, right before the holidays, perhaps... but perhaps it's the perfect time.

Dad, if you don't hear from me today, call me... sometimes I forget my phone can dial out :-)

Don't forget to check my shop throughout the day for my latest photos. Have a wonderful Monday. If you find yourself in a funk, let those who love you know so they can help pull you out!


Christie Cottage said...

What a great photo!

LOL about forgetting your phone can dial "out" LOL

Love it!

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