Friday, October 30, 2009

Hooray for the weekend!

This has been a really long week. Tomorrow, rain or shine, I am going out with my cameras and getting some good shots. I just know that... remember my earlier post about 'showing up at the page'? If I go, I will get them. With the fall colors, the falling leaves, and the amazing barns and trees in my area, I'm all set. Or perhaps I'll go out by the wineries... the possibilities are endless.

I am also going to do some extra work on The Artist's Way, and possibly plan something special for the girls who are doing it with me... they are working so hard! It's the first time I've facilitated this, and it's really an amazing experience for me. It's leading me... new directions are around the bend. Lots of thoughts about what I want to be when I grow up.

I honestly feel like I'm kinda doing some groundwork now.... getting things in place. Like the pre-packing you do before you move. And the odd thing is... this time, as I'm doing the groundwork, I recognize it as such and I feel how important it is. I know I must do it mindfully and carefully, so I have a good base.

Thoughts are heavy today. Have a safe weekend... try to focus on being present.


HeartOnSleeveArt said...

great blog robyn

and you are wise beyond your years!

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