Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping it Safe

I took this photo in the park on Sunday. I visit that statue every time I go there. I love the dog's longing look, and how the girl is determined to not let him get her ice cream. The only thing missing is the ice cream falling off the cone.

I think sometimes we are so concerned about someone else taking something from us that we forget to appreciate that something. That's very vague... let me get some examples. I know people on etsy who have amazing ideas... ideas for products that would sell amazingly well. But they are so protective of those ideas that they'll never bring them to fruition.

Makes me wonder... what good is an idea if you aren't going to use it? My goal this week is to pay attention to my ideas... see which ones are worth birthing... decide exactly what I need to do to make them happen!


michiganhemp said...

Ohhh! Mind if I jump on that train with you? I have ideas swirling in my head all the time...time to start writing them down and figuring out what I need to make them reality! Very inspiring post this morning, and can't wait to see what you come up with!


nomadcraftsetc said...

This is a great little blog post! I have no problem sharing with everyone MY ideas and visions. The more out there who can see them the better. Then I won't go crazy trying to shelter them! Thanks for this!

designsbykari said...

What a great question Robyn. Thanks for this post, very thought provoking. Where's my journal when I need it *wink*

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