Thursday, October 29, 2009

My dad...

This is a photo of my dad. I'm guessing it was taken about 30 years ago. When I went to Utah last time, we went through his old photos and I scanned a bunch in. There were a lot better pictures of his face. Lots showing him in his Navy uniform, quite a few that show him cooking, several of him showing off his tattoos... but this photo speaks to me the most. Probably because it shows his deep-rooted love of photography. I am still amazed that we share that love.

Someone very near and dear to me has been pointing out other similarities between dad and I to me lately. We're both very stubborn. Extremely. We have our set ideas about what self-care is, regardless of what others encourage us to do. We are both very strong individuals.

My dad is my biggest hero. Thoughts of him are heavy on my mind today because he spent the night in the hospital again. However, Dad is an amazing fighter and he assures me that it's not his time to go yet. Know what? Against all medical knowledge I have... and even though all the odds are against him... I believe him. He has more than proven himself to me before.

So Dad... when you are home and you read this... know, that even in your struggles I am learning amazing life lessons from you. Thank you, and I love you.


Kim said...

Lovely Robyn, your dad will be in my prayers. :0)


designsbykari said...

Wonderful memories. Will be thinking and praying for dad. *hugs*

42PurpleElephants said...

My thoughts are with you at this time. I think it's great that you and your dad share photography as an interest and I can definitely understand why this photo, in particular, really speaks to you.

Rebecca said...

That is a beautiful photo and a beautiful blog. Both show love a passion that many people don't have a chance to experience. Thank you for sharing.

michiganhemp said...

Beautiful, Sis! You keep that faith in your daddy. Mine is my hero, and he keeps smiling even through all the battles he faces. Dad's are like that, they can fight off anything that comes their way and overcome some of the most horrifying odds. With the strength that you and your dad share, I'm sure that he'll be just fine. ;)


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