Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I learned from my Dad

I've blogged quite a bit about my Dad. Loyal readers know that I've only had a relationship with my dad for 5 years or less. We didn't know each other until then. We had seen one another, at my mom's funeral, I stayed with him for a week around the time of my brother's graduation, etc. But we didn't KNOW one another. Then one Father's Day, a few years ago, I called him.

We got to know one another slowly, and last summer, I took my family there for vacation. Then I went on a solo trip to see him some months later. I took the above photo in his yard during that trip. The leaf looked like a heart to me. Dad and I had a few occasions to do some photography together. And if I was going to miss a spectacular sunrise, he'd wake me. Sunrises and sunsets are his thing, mostly because he can photo them from his porch.

I learned to fully appreciate the beauty in nature from Dad. I learned to make sure I notice the gorgeous sunset every morning. I learned that odds don't matter, you just keep on keeping on. And I have learned that laughter is such an important part of life. Dad always has a joke. They are generally very off color, but always funny.

Dad is in the hospital again and he seems to be in good spirits. I only worry about what he's not telling me. But he has jokes. He sent me a cell phone picture of a sunrise yesterday. He has love, and he has wisdom. My dad is my hero. The day will come when he is not physically here anymore (not anytime soon, I hope), but I will always cherish each and every moment we've had. Dad... thank you so much for all that you are!


designsbykari said...

Ok tears before 9 a.m. What a beautiul piece Robyn and what a beautiful lesson you were able to learn form your dad.

Sister Scarlet said...

Your Dad must be proud to see all of those nature love seeds he planted in you bloom to life in your photography...... I love this photo of the leaf heart. It's simply sweet, and reflects your geniune heart. Teffany

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