Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the regular Schedule

This is last weeks picture of the barn. I have the 6 or 7 weeks so far in a file on my desktop and I need to upload them to flickr for my group I'm planning to call "Back to the Earth".

I'm trying to jump back on the horse today with blogging. It's a bit difficult, as Dad had been a very loyal reader of the blog. The last thing he said to me besides "I love you" was "You've got to stay away from them crazymakers!" I do believe that's the best advice I've ever received.

So, slowly, I'm trying to ease back into my routines. I did realize yesterday why it's taken me so long to just assume all the old routines. When I do that, I go on autopilot. Full autopilot. And I pick up my phone to call Dad.

So, back to routine with some revisions. I'll get there. Oh yeah... what have I learned? I learned from Dad to be the best person I can. I learned from his death to pursue my dreams while I have time. I will be listing and prioritizing!


TheHappySoul said...


So glad you're back! It will take time, but you will be able to get back to normalcy. I'm glad that you are looking at the lessons and learning from this experience, even though it may be the most painful thing you've ever dealt with. I promise you that there will come a time when the thoughts of dad make you smile instead of cry. I love you, and I'll be here to help you through the journey.


designsbykari said...

Wonderful lessons to take from a great man.

You said when you were 14 you were more resilient. I'm not sure that's true. I think that now you know the value of your loved ones and the void they'll leave. You're tremendously strong and I admire your ability to seek normalcy so soon.

lostsentiments said...


I'm blessed to be a part of your journey love! A day at a time. Thank you for sharing the journey with us so we can learn from you!


Aisha said...

Robyn, without even trying, and even going through the hardest of times, you manage to to eloquently express your feelings and also offer invaluable lessons on life. It will take time, but you will get through this and I am here for you! Your dad was very wise, he will always be with you :)


giggles'N' rainbows said...

I can’t truly say I understand losing “a father”, because mine was never really part of my life. I have lost some dear family members. I think that Kari is right when she pointed out that we learn the “value of our loved ones and the void they'll leave” as we get older. It’s the dealing with the void in our life is so hard when we lose someone we love. It makes us appreciate every day we have with those we love. You are so strong, helpful and encouraging to all that have come to know you. Maybe right now, some of those people can be of help to you, lean on them now. As the days go on you will be able to think about your Dad without so many tears, for now take care of YOU, keep busy, seek refreshing up-building friends and family and follow your Dad’s advice and “keep away from the crazy makers”.
These words just came to mind; I know a lot of people feel the same way:
“Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on”

ardee said...

you are an inspiration to us all as everyone's comments prove. I hope your wonderful memories will soon replace any emptiness you may feel by the loss of your sweet daddy. We all love you!

Mary said...

robyn, an excellent post. We learn from each and every experience we have during out lives.

Love the photo of the barn. I'm going to like your "Back to the Earth" series.

Enjoyed visiting.
Mary (naturepoet)

Got It From My Mama said...

You only can take one day at a time.

Connie said...

Dear Robyn,

I am so sorry to hear about the lost of your father. I know, by being a regular reader of your blog, how special he was in your life. I know you will carry him and his legacy through your photography and always in your heart.

You are in my prayers.

All My Love,

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