Thursday, February 4, 2010

Online Communication.

So... there's some turmoil in my life. Some family crap going on. I reacted to a comment, and now I'm being told that comment meant something completely different. My reaction was to delete it. So now... I'm the bad guy. I love family. In the end, this disagreement won't matter. One among many in a lifetime.

It does bring up one thing though. It's very difficult to know exactly how someone means anything they say. Same with text messages. You cannot really convey inflections. How many times have you emailed, IM'd, or texted someone, only to get back the most bizarre response because they didn't understand your original message?

That happened with me a couple weeks ago. A work friend sent a text to me. I responded, but apparently he didn't think my response was... excited enough, real, non-sarcastic, whatever. So then I got a barrage of messages and I was left sitting there thinking WTH.

Anyway... I will try to do better with my online (or text) correspondences. Or I will use voice communication more often. I will wait to discuss the current situation though because it's way too inflamed right now.

As you communicate today... try to be clear.


TheHappySoul said...

Very good point! It's extremely hard to know how to interpret someone's message if they are being unclear. On the flip side of things, though... If someone receives a message that seems unclear, they should take the time to ask for clarification before reacting badly. More times than not, it is just a simple misunderstanding that causes problems. If we all just take that one extra second to get the clarification we need, I feel a lot of problems could be totally avoided.


k8elynne said...

It's hard to read words and know what is meant by it! It's sad to say thats where the world is going, but it is. People hide behind the "technology" to leave their message unclear, so they don't have to be mean about it.

ardee said...

OMG!! I so know what you mean. Thats happened to me more than once!! And by the time you straighten it out you forgot what you meant in the first place. It does drive me crazy though when people try and read something into a message that isnt there! I always ask before I jump the gun but thats me.

Erica said...

I prefer to communicate in text/email so that happens all the time! I say something that is supposed to be a joke and someone takes it seriously! I guess it is my fault for not picking up the phone.

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