Sunday, October 12, 2008

At Peace

I recently signed up to do a 100 day challenge called Co-Creating Your Reality. I am on day 2. I made a vision board today and I have stated my intentions for the 100 days. I am focusing on:

  • being fit & eating healthy
  • being creative every day
  • be surrounded by like minded people
  • meditate regularly

They are such tiny little things really, but if I focus on them, then I feel like so much will fall into place.

Yesterday I painted. This is HUGE! I had a vision for a painting the night before and whipped it out last night. What an amazing feeling. I have not been moved to paint in months. Today I took pictures for a project I am working on. I am carrying my camera just about everywhere right now, and I've found that I see so many things of beauty every single day. Then I take pictures and can play with them.

Like the flower. How beautiful is that? I was very focused on what I was taking pictures of today, but I could not pass up this beautiful flower. And now I will always have that moment in time.


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