Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new goal

I work in a job that is greatly affected by the economy. And... I work with some very outspoken, opinionated people.

Yesterday I made the goal to not get sucked into the doom and gloom talk. I will not be a part of the mud slinging of politics, or the gloom of the economy.

So... yesterday, I simply did not participate in any of it. Prior to that, I would re-assure, but well... I don't think people want to be reassured. I think they want to wallow in it. And, so be it. But I do not have to participate. No reassurance from me, because then they just want to argue... like they want me to be suffering right alongside them. Not me.

You would not believe the difference that one goal made in my day yesterday. It took a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don't have to be the room mother. I don't have to say everything's going to be ok, and then try to make sure it is. No. I just have to make sure that I am ok, and that takes no discussion at work :-). Quite liberating.

Have you noticed all the flower pictures? I'm trying to hold onto summer. This one was taken a couple of days ago, so they're still here, but fall is very apparent as well. Soon enough those pictures will come... but for now... well, I'm holding on.

My 100 day challenge is going well. I am on day 10. I don't necessarily meet all my goals daily, but I am mindful and I am getting there. Sometimes baby steps are the only way.


Connie said...

Do you know those shirts that say "Life Is Good"? You should wear one to work that says: "Life is. I'm good."

You go girl!

Peace & Love.

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