Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Growing out of adversity

Sunday I was on a picture taking expedition. I was working on a project and it had absolutely nothing to do with trees. However, when you see something interesting, snap a picture! This tree is defying all the rules. It should not be growing out of this metal container on the river.

But it is. And it's doing well. Sometimes, in relationships or jobs, it's not the perfect environment for growth. And the easy solution is to move on over to the environment that is easiest, most nurturing. However, I do not think that easy has ever necessarily strengthened anyone.

I have had my share of jobs. Have they all been well suited for me? No way. But I can honestly say that with each one I learned from it, and I left traces of me there. Perhaps a way of doing a task, a joke, a thought of an event that made the coworkers smile.

My current job is so far off the path of where my life was leading. I have been a caregiver of sorts all of my life. Always been in the medical field. I took care of my bedridden mother from the age of 9, then my jobs included med-aide at an assisted living, job developer for developmentally delayed adults, administrator of an alzheimer's unit. However, now I work in the scale house of a gravel pit. I print the weigh tickets for the dumptruck drivers.

Strange transition? Perhaps... but I was facing serious burnout. And, mostly, this place was hiring when I needed a job. Even though it's not my norm, I love it! I have tweaked the job to suit me. I challenge myself to do the job better, faster, take on more tasks. And I honestly think that many of the drivers look forward to coming back, maybe only to see what I will say or do next. But they don't dread seeing me.

I have always agreed with the saying "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger" I believe it was Nietsche who said that. And I fully believe that it's true. We can find good in most any situation. And we can grow in adverse environments.

Today, I will concentrate on turning bad situations around. In helping others thrive in challenging environments. And being thankful for the harshest of situations, seeing them as opportunities for growth.


Geoff Schutt said...

Full Moon today, Robyn. Look to the sky -- we will, too.

"We are almost to the ocean!" says Eleanor.

Keep writing, keep Believing (capital "B") -- we're with you in spirit. (and we are Believing in you, and in your journey)

-- Geoff and Eleanor

Connie said...

Do you practice Yoga Robyn? Because you sound just like a Yogini. In Yoga EVERYTHING is your practice...not just the asanas you do on the mat. I have to remind myself of that sometimes too, because for me, my Yoga practice is number one in my life...and just like I meet difficult poses on the mat, sometimes we meet difficult poses off the mat...and its all Yoga!!

What a fabulous photo of the tree..I love when I see that...even weeds that grow in between the cracks...I love that--it's like nature saying "I'm stronger then you -na na nana na!" Reminded me immediately of that Wil Smith movie "I Am Legend"...once humans ceased to exist nature took over the cities---lion roamed New York City!! And he would go out during the day (in NYC) and actually hear birds chirping!! Ahhhh!!

Peace & Love.

Robynsart said...

I am just beginning yoga, Connie. I got a couple of dvd's from the library and I have been trying to commit the time to it. So far, it's not natural to me, but I am working on it. I have been Buddhist since 2002, and much of my thoughts are because of being mindful... it's all inter-related though. Printing out The Four Agreements today to meditate on. I loved your post today and the changes you are making! So happy to be a part of this journey.

Geoff... I loved the moon this morning... unfortunately did not have my camera with me, but the beauty of it is imprinted in my mind. I am believing in You and Eleanor as well. Belief in one another will carry us far.

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