Monday, October 20, 2008

A new day, a new perspective

So... I had been working on a project all weekend. And by last night I was very frustrated and tired of the whole thing. I wanted to walk away and give up. But my dream was strong and would not allow me to do such a thing.
This morning, after some rest, I revisited my project and I am quite pleased.
What did I make? Well... ok, I'll tell you. I had this vision of handmade journals with my photos on the covers. I've never made a journal before, but I can find how-to pages online, and I can find my way. I think the biggest problem was that I did not do enough research... so my one prototype became 3. However... by the end of the day I will have 3 completed journals. And I LOVE them!!
I will be starting an Etsy shop... hopefully this week. And I am thinking about approaching a local gallery with them... as soon as I figure out how to price them (always the hardest part for me!), and after I iron out a few more production issues.
So... for anyone out there interested. They are 6"WX 8" H. They have 60 unlined pages. And they will be online soon!!
I will most likely be putting other items up as well. I've been looking at etsy for over a year... but it was a daunting step to take. However, now, with some new friendships, plus the 100 day challenge, I am ready! I will be putting a link up here as soon as I open my shop.


Geoff Schutt said...

Your dreams work both directions. You follow them, and they follow you. It's an extraordinary thing, to have one of your dreams tap you on the shoulder and say, "I'm not finished with you yet!"

"Go, Robyn, Go!" says Eleanor.

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