Monday, October 27, 2008

TV Deprivation

Starting today, my family is attempting a one week TV deprivation. Now... I'm not a big TV watcher, but other members of my family are. The TV is on every awake moment. And, even though I do not generally watch it, I think it leads to a more nervous energy within me.

So, yesterday, on the way to the motocross track, I was reading some of the highlights of my manifesting e-book aloud, and it discusses attention suckers. And something clicked. Most likely the clicking was within me only but they all agreed to a trial period of one week for the TV to stay off. I did, however, have to make one concession: scary movies can still be watched on Halloween (a family tradition).

So, we laid out some rules. Internet could be used minimally. And the TV can only be on for yoga videos. Music can be on, but not music videos. Yeah, we really did have to go that far :-). My husband is already discussing all that he can accomplish without the TV on, so this should work out to be a very nice week.

I will be on my laptop a bit, tweaking photos and learning adobe photoshop. I would like to put some of my prints on Etsy. I will still be updating my blog in the mornings, as has become my routine, and I will check email and Etsy daily.

So... to new challenges. I am completely at ease with this one. However, I don't think anyone else in the home is. I am excited to see what each of us gets out of this.


umlauf said...

I wanted to comment on yer photo here.. so beautiful and soothing! Love the moss in combination with the waterfall.

I've been without a TV for several years now and don't feel deprived at all. It's actually enriching and it frees up a lot of time! (This is not to say I don't watch "House" or "Kitchen Nightmares" online everyday- I do! Boo.)

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