Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Wish List

I am learning a lot about manifesting. So here are some things I want to make happen.

I want a job where I can use my creativity and create my own hours, making more than I do at my current job.

I want relationships that click with my authentic self.

I want a nice, trustworthy vehicle.

I want to publish my novel.

I want to publish my poetry.

I want to use my photographs to make items for an etsy shop.

I want to make journals, possibly with my photos as the cover.

I want to paint.

I want to exercise daily.

I want to be mindful.


Geoff Schutt said...

Every want will become reality, as long as you want it "enough," and are willing to accept your wishes & dreams. (Some people are actually afraid of their dreams, when presented with them! Can you imagine? We would be thankful, and then dream even bigger dreams.)

"We remain -- and always will remain -- in your corner," says Eleanor.

Beautiful images, these past several postings, Robyn. You are moving forward with gusto, and this is so wonderful to see, and "feel" a part of!

Thank you for including us along on your ride.

Eleanor (and Geoff)

The Mad Celt said...

Here's hoping you get all you need. Peace and joy.

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