Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trial and Error

I have been working on a project this weekend. Working on some stuff for an etsy shop. It has been a very trying experience. I tried to work out details, then, as each attempt failed I became more frustrated. I dreamed the whole sequence through last night, and was ready to make a go of it this morning.

It has been a very difficult day though... each attempt brought on new failures. And each failure has brought education. Usually I embrace failure, because I know that I am learning from it. Not today. Today I am not embracing failure at all. I am frustrated and tired. I've been trying to trudge through though... and perhaps that's why I keep failing. I think it's time to rest and move back from this project until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

sorry you had one of THOSE days. What kind of project were you working on? I had a list of things to do, and didnt do any of them yesterday or today.
I think I needed to just "zone out" this weekend.
Thinking of you.

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