Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grief rolls in

I don't know if it's happening just because it's time. Or if I'm feeling this way because of exhaustion, but the grief is trying to crash down on me. Yesterday, my co-worker got an email showing a bunch of bald eagles. I had to choke back tears.

On Dad's road there is a golden eagle and a bald eagle who nest in a tree. Dad loved to photo and watch those birds. I meant to take my son down there to take pictures when we were there for the funeral. But we didn't.

What I know is that I don't have time for debilitating grief right now. We're almost done moving, but the entire weekend will be spent moving his stuff to his apartment. I absolutely must be functioning for at least 4 more days. So, what I'm doing so far is fighting it off... sometimes I gain on it, sometimes it kicks my butt.

I welcome any advice. How do I cope, and is there actually any way to hold this back?


Mary said...

Robyn, the only advice I can give it so take some time for yourself. Even if it's a few minutes. You NEED it right now, and yes, it could be partly due to exhaustion. You have so much on your plate. Take care of you. You are IMPORTANT!!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Aisha said...

Dearest Robyn, I agree that exhaustion is catching up to you! With real-world timelines, it can be so hard to slow down and take gentler pace, but you should just take a deep breath, meditate for a little bit,think about your bright new future! I know the grief is still so fresh and it seems like ever since you got back, you have hit the ground running. There are days when it will be overwhelming. And it IS on to cry and let it all out, you NEED to be able to do that, no one expects you to keep it bottled up inside. It has to run its course, but once it does, you will be left stronger and with wonderful memories of Dad that will leave you feeling happy and hopeful. I am here for you always!

Aisha :)

lostsentiments said...


oh love, grief is a process, it will come in several stages and over time it will be easier to function in the day to day happenings. I'm praying for you love, do be good to you and take time if you need it, the world can wait ;). You're such a strong woman love, know we are all here for you when you need to lean on someoneone or need a shoulder to cry on. Hang in there love, this too shall pass.


Erica said...

I have no advice, I can only offer my condolances. I am SO so sorry for your loss and I hope your grief passes very soon!

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