Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Settling In

Last night we had our first guests over for dinner. I made my Dad's sloppy joes and it was a very relaxing evening. My friend that was over kept commenting on how perfect our new apartment is for us, and how tranquil it is. She had only known me as the wife of the crazymaker. So to now see my environment so peaceful... so relaxed... that surprised her.

I have several deadlines coming up soon. I am hanging my work in April in a local coffee shop, in a pizza parlor in May. Next week is spring break and I had hoped to get some journals listed. But this week will be spent doing the final unpacking. You know, the unpacking of that ONE room where you've shoved everything? Ugh. But then that will be done. And life will move forward.

By Friday I will have all the prints ordered for my hangings. And I will be mentally ready to spend spring break with my boys... I want all of that off my mind before then so I can fully focus.

I hope you have enough... enough peace and quiet... enough stimulation... enough to look forward to... enough to be thankful for.


ardee said...

You go girl!! Your new digs sound wonderful and such a relaxing place for you. You deserve some peace and quiet. xxoo

Robynsart said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are finding peace of heart. You are definately deserving of it!



designsbykari said...

Yay! for deadlines. I wish you good luck with your showings and I hope those who see your work will see the beauty and value we all do!

As for the unpacking...if you just closethe door you can pretend it's not there! :) Just kidding... you'll do it I know you will!

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