Monday, March 22, 2010

Is It Monday Already?

I had a strange weekend for me. Spent the night at a friend's house on Saturday night. Meaning we stayed up way too late, drank too much, and didn't get enough sleep. We did, however, have a great time. The boys enjoyed shooting, and playing on their wii.

It very effectively made my weekend shorter though. I'm a total home body and I kind of feel robbed. Like I've lost some time in my home. I know. Weird! But, already, it's Monday again. Monday of Spring Break. It will be a very full week.

But first, to get through today, then try to get my sleep schedule back on track tonight.

I hope that amazingly wonderful adventures find you this week.


Anonymous said...

It's good to indulge every once in a while... be totally irresponsible and have a fantabulous time doing it! I know what you mean about being robbed of your weekend though. Ah, well, next weekend is only a week away!


Jean May Originals said...

Yes, Mondays are the pits, but glad you had fun with friends. I'm a homebody myself, but like to go out and play every now and then. :)

Got It From My Mama said...

When you have enjoyed your time awa it is always good to get home again.

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