Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let the Healing Begin

The funerals are over, and all of the 'estate' stuff is starting to be dealt with. It's time for the healing. Yesterday I listed 2 new prints and am moving forward with orders and will resume journal making soon.

So much is in the air for family in Utah. My siblings whose lives were completely intertwined with Dad and my Stepmom. My heart breaks for them. They will get there though, where there lives can go on. Now is my time. Time for me to allow the healing to begin.

I had one request yesterday when they were having the family meeting. I wanted Dad's old Yashica camera. The one I've shown him using in a picture. The one he got before I was born and used for over 20 years. My stepsister says it doesn't work, but that was my request. It will be on it's way to me soon. It has no value, besides what it means to me.

But it means the world to me. Photography, and a love for it, was my connection with Dad. It's the one major thing that we shared. I will have it repaired if it doesn't work. I will learn how to use it. And I will see life through my Father's eyes.

This week will be busy, in preparation for spring break. Life is looking up!


TheHappySoul said...

((((((((((((((((SIS)))))))))))))))) Yay for dad's camera! I'm so excited for you, and I'm thrilled that you are finally able to look forward to what's in front of you!


Mary said...

Robyn, I'm so happy that you will receive your Dad's camera. What a wonderful keepsake for you. You will remember it fondly in years to come.

You're doing great. Moving on from the sorrow that's been overtaking your life. I can't wait to see your journals and your new listings.


ardee said...

How wonderful that you'll be receiving "dad's camera"! What a great logo it would make, cover for a book(that I know you'll be writing)and if you can get it to work - OMG!! You are an amazing woman and I'm so honored to call you my friend! XXOO

designsbykari said...

It will be a wonderful reminder...Dad's camera is so full of history on so many levels. It will continue to be your connection even now and it will help you to heal.

Aisha said...

Robyn, I absolutely love that you are getting your Dad's camera! The value, for what it means to you, is priceless. What a beautiful icon of your wonderful bond with him!

And I am so happy that you are healing and looking forward...we are all there by your side!

Aisha :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

*hugs* I know that's not enough but *HUGS*

Got It From My Mama said...

So glad to hear you are going to be getting your dad's camera I haven't been following your blog for long but I hope you feel better soon.

Melissa said...

How awesome! Looking forward to seeing you see the world through your Dad's eyes!


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