Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Journals Journals Journals

I have new colors available! The bottom one is green, a very earthy green, the one on top is shiny black leather, and only 2 of the black are available. I also have a new brown, but still need to photo that. I am really loving making these journals! So far, the ones I have sold are going to Connie's students for her Art Journal Love Letters Class. So I know they are going to be painted in, glued, embellished and loved for years to come... and the journals new owners are on an amazing voyage of self discovery.

That's the biggest draw to me, in my journal making. I am a believer in journaling. I believe in showing up at the page and embarking on that self-discovery! And I love that I have made so many journals that have been part of that self-discovery and self-awareness.

I have made journals for children to collect trading cards in, journals as graduation gifts, journals for troubled children as part of their healing process. I have made a journal for an elderly man with Alzheimers, for the family to help him write in to preserve some of his memories. New moms, newlyweds, journals to be used as the guest book at weddings and funerals.

I am blessed to have this ability, and to be able to share with so many people! I will be making many different styles of journals soon... I hope that your journey to find self is amazing!


TheHappySoul said...

I LOVE your journals! I always feel extra special when I write in them because I know they were made with love. :) I hope to get one of the big ones soon so that I can expand my creativeness and explore new things. Your journals have been used for many different things in my house, each for a special purpose. I love them all, and am now addicted to them. :)


lostsentiments said...

when I get a really nice journal I hesitate to write in it - honestly... I normally opt for a notebook that was .50 and scribble the crap out of it in putting down my thoughts. I used to journal quite frequently before I was married, I didn't have a close friend in VA - all my friends were back at home, those who had been there physically with me through lots of things... I think my thoughts were probably overwhelming though... and they never stop... so to a journal I went to repeat myself in different fluid ways... not very often would I look back on my pages... in a sense with a journal, your thoughts are noted but you note them to be forgotten and leave the rubble behind... the substance of what you discovered comes with you though... I've thrown away and discarded the journals I logged much heart ache in.. I've written poetry and pulled poems out of my writing in the past... maybe should get back to it before I go to bed and just dump my thoughts then...

I love journals though, do not get me wrong! They are an art in themselves and it's funny how a binded, hand made piece can be so moving to look at :) I sometimes think I should write in my best handwriting to add to it :) :D

It's exciting to see the journey unfold for you Robyn - all the lives you have touched and have yet to touch with your passionate labor :) your efforts will definitely not go unrewarded ;)


ardee said...

Ive given 2 of your journals as gifts already and I have one of your journals that Im going to use myself at some point!! I look at its blank pages all the time and I know eventually they will speak to me and tell me what to put in them!! :o)

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