Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh the Emotions of it All

My youngest son took this photo. I think that, like his oldest brother, he has quite the eye. He uses my camera now, asking for it when he sees something, but I'm sure he'll be getting a camera for his birthday and I can't wait to see what he comes up with then!

I have had a bit of a roller coaster week. I've started receiving orders for my art journals for Connie's class. That has been thrilling! At the same time though, I've been dealing with PMS. PMS, teamed with being tired, has made me relive many things. The phone call when my brother told me Dad didn't make it, the phone call about my stepmom. The calls from my sons asking me if I was ok, my youngest son being the great protector at the funeral and looking out for me. It all came washing back.

I have, in so many ways, worked through all the grief. But like I said, the combinations of tiredness and emotions... I'll try to prepare a little better before next month.

The exercise routine continues. Alternating days between the treadmill or stairstepper and grueling exercise videos. And I feel great as a result! It's too soon to see results, but I swear I *feel* stronger. Even if that's all in my head, it's still empowering! Tonight is an exercise video, along with cleaning before a big weekend.

What is empowering you today?


TheHappySoul said...

Sis! I'm so proud of you! It's alot harder for me to stick to a routine, but I'm trying. :) I think we all have those days when the memories flood and the emotions go crazy, but I promise that you will get to the point where it's easier to deal with. Keep focusing on YOU and what you need. You're doing great!


Rebecca said...

It's so wonderful that you are completely in touch with yourself and your emotions. Knowing how you feel and why you feel it is a huge part of the battle.

WTG on sticking with your fitness routine! Keep up the great work!!

lostsentiments said...

Ugh - being tired can bring on the emotions so much faster! I feel for you! I'm running on E today myself and patience is NOT what it could be. SO I am "hoping" today at work goes by quickly without too much interaction with a few select people or they may just be getting a mouthful from me that I will only end up hearing aobut later. Bleh.. guess we will both be pusing the vitamin D hey Robyn?? ;) ((((robyn))))

Aneurythm said...

Very insightful and inspirational. You go!

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