Monday, April 12, 2010


Isn't technology great? I spent a half hour this morning printing out postage for a journal that is being re-homed to New Zealand! I've never printed international postage online before, but now I've learned the process!

I am increasingly grateful for technology. Without it, I'd not be able to have a blog, an online business, wouldn't be able to contact old friends through facebook. I am glad that those options are available to me! And when things get a bit obnoxious because crazymakers like to involve even those they know online, there are ignore buttons, and I can always simply unplug!

Today, I'll be researching how to make my life a little easier using my online tools. I already order pizza online. I think I will look into scheduling package pickups. Too bad the computer can't cut my hair! ;-)

I will not be absorbed into an online existence, and use that rather than having any contact with people... I'm just trying to simplify my life to make more room for friends and family, and accomplishing my goals. Speaking of which, I'm jumping right back on that exercise horse today... felt like I fell off a bit there over the weekend.


TheHappySoul said...

Thank GOD for technology! Without it, I wouldn't have found you!


Mary said...

(((((Robyn)))))Isn't technology wonderful? I have found you, my friend and dozens of other people who make my life more complete. Besides that I write, have an Etsy shop and do all types of research.

Enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful day.


Marica Sevelj said...

Hi Robyn - I'm so thrilled the journal is on its way. Believe me it will be loved when it arrives at its new home with me here in Wellington. Like you I think technology is fantastic - it opens up so many possibilities without ever leaving home.
Have a wonderful day.

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