Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trudging Through

I am a bit stuck today as far as what I should write about. I'm still going through the motions. Still faking it, but I know I'll be making it soon. Life is like that, it has it's ups and downs. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Right now, I'm drifting through... at some point (hopefully soon), I'll be walking on sunshine, and the cycle will continue.

I hope to list some more photos today. I will also be working on 3 custom journals. Um... make that 4. And figuring out a wholesale order for some small journals! I'm thankful for my abilities to trudge through...

I am tired today... family visited and stayed well past my bedtime. So... yeah... work will be fun. But tonight I can both relax and be productive (I can do both at the same time if I'm at home). And I will work on getting some rest.

Does your self-care routine change depending on your mood? I mean, if you know you're down, do you try to baby yourself a little? Or, if you're depressed, does all self-care go out the window?


designsbykari said...

When I'm down I definately baby myself. I lay around more and I'm less productive in all aspects of my life.

Then, this little voice turns on (or knocks at the door) and gives me a little kick in the butt. I have great friends who surely know when something's up and won't leave me down for long!

lostsentiments said...

Hey Robyn, the past few days I've been down. I've been praying that God will give me energy and wisdom to seek out and recognize friends I should physically surround myself with. I tend to be misunderstood which is discouraging and I find myself retreating to lick my wounds.

If I'm really down, it will knock me out and I'll sleep - which sucks because my husband just thinks I'm tired when really I need someone to yank me out of it :s. Sucks. It can be a vicious vertigo cycle for me that in time I do pull out of but when I'm in it, it's as if there is no end in sight :s.

I hope you feel better soon Robyn. I know in time you will ;)

TheHappySoul said...


I totally let all self care go right out the window when I'm depressed. It's a struggle to get through the day sometimes, but with friends like mine, it's impossible to stay down for long. Some days, though... some days, I honestly don't do ANYTHING. I feel like I need to do something, but just can't find the motivation or even the desire to do it. I usually let myself slack for a day, but the following day I tend to force myself to create something. That always seems to help me somehow. I hope you can get over this hump soon, sunshine. Remember that we are all hear for you to push, pull, or drag you up this mountain. :)


Rebecca said...

Self care is nearly impossible when I am down. I learned through therapy to have a plan in place ahead of time. The trick is... you have to execute the plan, which certainly isn't easy.

I've been trudging through this week. Not doing much other than feeling sorry for myself. Today I will make a list and check things off, one by one. That should help, in theory.

Hugs to you. ((((((((Robyn))))))))) You are strong and wise. You'll pull through; you're already well on your way.

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