Friday, April 23, 2010


I have a busy weekend ahead. One filled with many things that I'm looking forward to. One of which is camera time. I have really been missing my cameras lately, have missed editing photos, unveiling new ones to my friends. Hopefully I will get some amazing shots!

If I were to be planning a leisurely weekend, I'd plan in time to take inventory. To assess what is working for me and what is not. At this point, most things are... but that makes me realize all the more the one or two things that are not! So, soon I will be making some slight modifications.

So... as we embark on this amazing weekend, I put the ball in your court. Have you done inventory recently? What is keeping you from utter bliss in all aspects of your life?


designsbykari said...

Oh how I wish I could put my finger on one thing. I'm working toward "complete bliss" though.

Thank you for keeping me accountable.

TheHappySoul said...

Hmmm... I would have to say that the 2 biggest things keeping me from bliss are my health, and our money situation. I have recently began working on both, though! Keeping my fingers crossed that both situations will be remedied quickly.


Rebecca said...

Hmmmm, very thought provoking. I've never thought to schedule time to take personal inventory. I seem to evaluate my life while I'm in the midst of doing something else. It's hard to make plans to fix the trouble spots if I'm not fully concentrating on the issue. Great idea to schedule time for this. Seems like it could be very productive!


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