Monday, April 5, 2010

Taking Inventory

Before my Dad passed away, I was doing pretty well with stating my attentions, then accomplishing my goals. But since my Dad died, I've not quite fully reclaimed all of that person that I was before... but more on that later.

I recently took inventory. I was making changes in my life at the speed of light. Cutting off ties from crazymakers. Moving and only letting those I love into that new space. I even cleared the journals out of my shop to give me a little breathing room and time to see their direction clearly.

I've also recently assessed my body. There are things I'm not appreciating about it. Physical looks, definitely. I do NOT look the way I feel. I have a layer of fat that I don't wish to carry around any more. I've been a slave to it. Hauling it around even when I'm totally exhausted. Well, no more! An exercise routine has been started. I am tracking it on the calendar, and have a workout partner.

I have always secretly envied joggers. I always wished that I enjoyed running, and that I would be THAT person-- who would push myself to be out there. Tonight, starting on the treadmill. The goal is to be able to jog to the park and back this summer with the boys. It's less than a mile away.

I know it may take a while to see physical results from this. And that's ok. If I could notice soon that I'm not winded from walking up a flight of stairs, that would be good. Or that I don't get a cramp in my abdomen from sitting up too quickly... that would be great!

I will keep you posted. I may need a cheering section :-)

What is your inventory-taking spurring you to do?


Mary said...

You are definitely headed in the right direction, my friend. You are making a lot of changes in your life and such positive ones.

I was in the same physical condition as you. Just before Christmas I decided to do something about it. I can't jog because of my arthritis, but have been really watching my diet and have a tread mill. 21 lbs have vanished. If I can do it, you can too. Keep up the positive attitude. You're doing GREAT!!!


designsbykari said...

I envy you for looking at yourself and acting on the things you'd like changed. Go Girl! I'll cheer you on all day any day!

As for me, I too wish I could start a routine. Rather than calling it ecxercise, I'll call it active time! I may not put it down so quickly.

TheHappySoul said...

((((((((SIS))))))) You go girl! I am so proud of you for taking the initiative to improve your health! I totally need to do that, but without anyone around to be my workout buddy or keep me in check, I tend to fall off the wagon. :( It's finally getting nicer outside, so maybe I can get the gumption to get out there and walk soon. Can't wait to hear the updates from you!


ardee said...

I need to do the same thing!!! There's no reason not to but I manage to keep putting it off! So...I'll start too and we can moan and groan our way to fabulous figures together! (pulling the Wii Fit back out as we speak!!)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'll be your cheering section! A 'cheering section' in areas like this sometimes feels more like a 'nagging section', but I hope to bring positive encouragement none-the-less.

One week ago I did the unthinkable ~ I took front, side and rear photos of myself in just my undergarments and printed them out with the date and my weight. I'm planning on taking new photos every month. I'm determined to not have a bunch of flabby Rebecca pics all over the place.

Let's encourage each other! We can do it!!


lostsentiments said...

wow Charm - you are brave - I can't take the pics of different angles, well I can but I don't think I'd want to look until mush later... When I went for a scale the other day at Wal-mart I couldn't find it and had to ask someone to help me find it - the someone happened to be an older guy who showed me to the aisle and asked if it was for me... I started looking at the seleciton and said "yes" and he brushed my arm and said, oh you don't need it, you are in good shape." and laughed... I laughed with him more to make the converstaion move along than anything else and followed with "I need to stay on track".

I've been meaning to blog about my 20 lb weight gain in 2 years cause people have been wondering why I'm running now... as if you need a reason lol :) ;)

but yes, why not be the best you can be?! :) being in shape opens up more possibilities of what you can do on a firday night :) how well you sleep, you'll even find you'll crave food that is "healthy" :o I know, crazy right ? ;)

I'm all for it ladies~! By trait I'm an encourager and this is definitely worth encouraging :)


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